The John W. Griffin Student Grant is awarded to archaeology graduate students (M.A. or Ph.D.) who are currently enrolled in a Florida university. The grant money assists students conducting archaeological research in Florida. Grant funds can be used to cover the costs associated with archaeological fieldwork, special analyses (e.g., radiocarbon dates, faunal or botanical analyses, soils analysis, etc.), and, in some cases, travel expenses associated with presenting a paper based on the student's research at a professional meeting. The entire amount may be given to a single individual or it maybe divided up among applicants at the discretion of the FAC Griffin Award Committee.

Application Guidelines

Applications are due April 15, 2019


John W. Griffin Award Winners


Jason O'Donouhue (University of Florida) received $1,300.00 for a lithic sourcing study at the Mt. Taylor site.

David Markus (University of Florida) received $700.00 for an isotopic analysis by of slave related material from Kingsley Plantation.


Rachel Iannelli received $1,190 toward a study of the Early Weeden Island Hughes Island BurialMound (8DI45).


Zack Gilmore (University of Florida) received $1000 toward a study of Orange Pottery Variability and Late Archaic Shell Ring Function at Silver Glen Run (8LA1/8MR123)

Maranda Kles (University of Florida) received $1000 for research on Biological Variation and Biological Distance in Florida: An Examination of Biological Cultural Continuity and Change at the Palmer Site (8SO2A).


Caitlin Kelley of USF recieved $1000 for AMS dating of an undisturbed Bolen component at a site in NW Florida.

John Krebs (UWF) received funding of $1000 for Petrographic Analysis of Native American pottery from three First Spanish Period sites in Pensacola.


J. Bart McLeod of USF was awarded $525 for his analysis of Weeden Island and Safety Harbor mortuary pottery from sites in the Tampa Bay region that were excavated in the late 1930s by WPA archaeologists. He will be using x-ray fluorescence (XRF) to analyze and compare paste composition and address questions related to social interaction and exchange.

Elicia Kimble of USF was awarded $1000 toward her study of prehistoric occupation on St. Vincent Island in the Apalachicola delta of northwest Florida. She will be obtaining an AMS radiocarbon date from recently excavated material to better define a general Woodland period occupation. Additionally, Kimble will tabulate, photograph, and include in her research material curated at the Bureau of Archaeological Research that was collected on the island by Phelps and Miller during the 1970s/1980s.


Rhonda Coolidge of USF received $600 toward the documentation of Tequesta diet through the use of non-destructive trace element analysis.

Meggan Blessing of UF received $2000 for her study of Oxygen Isotopes as Paleoecological Indicators in the study of seasonality during the Mt. Taylor Period.


Cristina Echazabel from USF was awarded $200 toward a bioarchaeological study of Glades Period individuals from South Florida.

Neill Wallis from UF was awarded $600 toward his study of Swift Creek interactions along the Atlantic Coast.

Asa Randall from UF was awarded $1200 for his research dating the origins of mound building along the St. Johns River during the Archaic Period.


Jeff Du Vernay from the University of South Florida received $775.00 toward his dissertation study of the Yon Site and the Fort Walton period in NW Florida.

Alexandra Carr from Florida State University received $650.00 toward her Master's thesis, which will include cross-sectioning of clam shell samples from the Mississippian period Grand Shell Ring (8DU1) in order to date ring construction and to make seasonality determinations.


$1000 to Bryan Tucker, University of Florida, for an isotopic study of human molars from the Harris Creek site, 8VO24, on Tick Island to provide information on mobility vs. sedentism during the Middle Archaic Period.

$900 to Asa Randall, University of Florida, for radiocarbon dating of samples from 8VO215, the Hontoon Dead Creek Village site, to document the relationship between mounds and habitation spaces during the preceramic Mount Taylor and ceramic Orange periods.

$100 to Jon Endonino, University of Florida, toward traveling to the Smithsonian to photograph C.B. Moore collections from the Thornhill Lakes Mounds and Midden (8VO58, 59, and 60).


$750 to Neill Wallis, University of Florida: Study of Swift Creek charcoal tempered pottery.


$333.33 to Jane Anne Blakney-Bailey, University of Florida: Foodways comparison of Ocute, Oconee,
and Seminole cultures.

$333.33 to Brian Worthington, Florida State University: Osteological study of dogs represented at
archaeological sites.


$500 to Andy Hemmings, University of Florida for radiocarbon dates on worked ivory from a late Pleistocene site in the Aucilla River.

$500 to Brian Yates, Florida State University to expand on his sourcing study of soapstone.


$465.00 to Lori Collins, University of South Florida

$325.00 to Keith Ashley/Vicki Rolands, University of Florida


$480.00 to Lori Collins, University of South Florida to cover costs associated with photographing Picnic Mound artifacts

$270.00 to Keith Ashley, University of Florida for radiocarbon date, NE Florida Savannah culture dissertation research


$250.00 to Keith Ashley, University of Florida, for radiocarbon date, NE Florida Savannah culture dissertation research

$250.00 to Heather Walsh-Haney, University of Florida, to cover costs associated with the analysis of Archaic skeletal populations from Windover and Bay West