The Florida Archaeological Council is an organization of professional archaeologists involved in Florida archaeology

Bylaws (Revised 2018)

Our objectives are:

  • To promote and stimulate interest in Florida archaeology
  • To encourage public appreciation of archaeology
  • To promote high quality standards of archaeological practice
  • To advocate and aid in the conservation and preservation of archaeological resources and materials

The Florida Archaeological Council, founded in 1979, is a non-profit organization of professional archaeologists with an interest in Florida archaeology.  Nearly 100 members make up the Council, which is governed by a board consisting of elected officers and directors from the membership.  Membership is open to any professional archaeologist who adheres to the Code of Conduct of the Register of Professional Archaeologists and who meets the qualifications of education and experience in the Council's by-laws.

For over thirty years, FAC has promoted the responsible practice of archaeology and the conservation of archaeological resources.  FAC plays a vital role in representing the archaeological community and the resource base before government agencies, and is regularly consulted about proposed legislation, regulation, policy and procedures relating to Florida archaeology.  Our main objective is to promote activities for the benefit and advancement of archaeology, especially in Florida.

FAC members have expertise in a broad range of topics related to archaeology and cultural resource management.  Several of our most important programs include:

  • Stewards of Heritage Preservation Awards: a bi-annual award that recognizes the role of non-archaeologists in preservation, education, and research
  • John W. Griffin Student Grant: provides financial assistance to students conducting research and cultural resource management projects in Florida
  • Professional Development Workshops: training and exchange of ideas regarding specific and current topics of concern
  • Legislative Affairs: represents professional archaeology in the creation and revision of legislation, statutes, regulations and policies
  • Archaeology Month: FAC initiated and continues to support this annual month-long program of events as a means of educating the public about Florida's past
  • FAC Members Discussion List: A FAC members only list for the distribution of announcements, job listings, and discussion of topics important to the professional community